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Creative Director, Aspen Brittany Mayhew

Shop the Mayhem Swag StoreMayhem Productions is a full service, creative directing company with the ability to take a concept and fully execute it to completion.

At Mayhem Productions, we can turn your project in to perfect mayhem through our large network of industry connections. We have contacts in photography video production, costume and set design, talent and location scouting. No matter the creative endeavor you are taking on, Mayhem Productions can take your vision and execute it to perfection.

Colorado based Creative Director Aspen Brittany MayhewAspen Brittany Mayhew is ready to turn your creative idea into reality. 

Born and raised in Colorado, Aspen always had a flair for being "extra." We're talking accessorizing a sweat suit at age 3. From there, her love for glitz and entertaining only increased after she walked in my first runway show for a local boutique. After that, her growing love of the spotlight kicked into high gear. 

With each passing year, Aspen's dedication to her craft increased. By 6, she was enrolled 3 hours of dance every day after school - ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop. This love for dance opened the door to an audition for Star Search. Experiencing the back stage electricity of that big production - the costumes, the makeup, the amount of people working on the production - Aspen knew that she wanted to be involved in entertainment in some way for the rest of her life. 

Her obsession only grew over the years by watching music videos on MTV, reading Seventeen and Vogue. She attended John Casablanca's in Denver to learn the ins and outs of the industry, and she has been making contacts and working in modeling and entertainment ever since. 

After over 2 decades of modeling, photo shoots, and runway, Aspen's passion for this business has only gotten stronger. Coordinating a big project and finding the professionals you need can feel overwhelming. Aspen is here to make this creative and exciting process as seamless as possible, because translating your vision into reality is what Aspen is here to do. Let her take care of every detail.

Full Service Creative Director

Coordinating Your Project From The Ground Up

As a creative director, Aspen Brittany Mayhew will make sure every last detail of your project is coordinated and organized. She will work as a mediator and communicator to manage the creative process of your project from concept to completion. With her wide network of contacts, Aspen will coordinate video, photography, costumes, set design, location and talent so every aspect of your production is managed and put together. With Mayhem Productions, your creative vision is in good hands. 

Fashion Forward Creative Direction

On-brand execution of all your visual, print, and digital materials

Whether you want to shoot a commercial for your local shop, organize a runway show for your boutique, coordinate a photo shoot for your brand's newest products, or any creative endeavor in between, Mayhem Productions is your go - to for all things in creative directing. Creative Director Aspen Brittany Mayhew will ensure that your project idea morphs into a creative vision to get your brand the attention is deserves. From hiring the talent, photography and video crews, and finding the location for your project, to lining up even the smallest prop on the set, Aspen will handle every last detail. She will make sure your idea is communicated to each person involved in the production and that your vision is precisely and creatively executed.


Let Us Bring Your Creative Vision To Life

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