What does a creative director do?

A creative director is someone who works with the client to bring their idea or vision to fruition. By listening to the client and working with them, a creative director uses their industry contacts to coordinate and organize all creative aspects of the project. Once the creative director and the client are on the same page for the desired final product, the creative director will then find the video team, work with designers on the set, scout for the perfect shooting location, find the talent to show off your brand, and handle any other element of the production that needs... Read The Rest

What kind of projects do you work on?

Mayhem Productions works on a wide range of projects! Commercials, photo shoots, runway shows, short films and anything in between are all in our wheelhouse for creative directing work. 

Where are you located?

Although Mayhem Productions is based in Colorado, creative director Aspen Brittany Mayhew travels to work on jobs around the United States. She has contacts across the country who she can hire to work on projects, no matter the location.

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