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Whether you are organizing a photo shoot for your brand's new product line, looking for a model to be the face of your campaign, conceptualizing your company's latest commercial, or looking for runway talent, Mayhem Productions has the industry connections to find you the most dedicated professionals for the job. 

With more than two decades of experience as a model, Creative Director Aspen Brittany Mayhew will use her industry knowledge and contacts to scout and hire the models, actors, singers and dancers who will turn your creative concept into the product you desire. Aspen will only hire the most motivated and professional talent that will complete the creative vision of your project.

Model Agent 

As an experienced model for more than 25 years, Aspen knows modeling. And she has been surrounded by all shapes, sizes and look of models in the countless projects she's been involved in. That's why she's the person to find a model for your latest endeavor. 

Whether you're looking for young women, a middle-aged man, or a child to star in your modeling project, Aspen can find you the model that will fit exactly what you're looking for. With her network of talent, she has the perfect tool to get you the face to complete your project. 

Talent Agent

Aspen is always looking for talented individuals who are dedicated to their craft. As a model herself, she knows entering the business can be a challenge. Finding agents who will have your best interests a heart and make sure you are getting hired for jobs that fit your style is can be difficult, even for experienced performers. Aspen is dedicated to finding you jobs that highlight your talent and skill and your work ethic and passion for the entertainment industry. 

If you're a model, actor, singer or dancer looking to get hired in local commercials, runway shows, photo shoots and short films, Mayhem Productions can help. Please fill out the contact form to join Mayhem Productions' vast network of talented professionals.

Video Production 

Sometimes the best way to grab attention for your brand or product is a well - produced commercial. The key to making this happen is a video production team with experience, skill and professionalism. There are thousands of video production teams to choose from, but Mayhem Productions can make sure the right team is hired for your project. 

Creative director Aspen Brittany Mayhew will scour her network of contacts and find the video production specialists who can best execute and bring your idea to life. Having worked with video production crews in her years as a model, Aspen has contacts who can produce a product that will get you the results you are looking for. She will work for you to communicate your creative vision and ensure that it is carried out with excitement, vigor and professionalism.

Video Production Specialists 

If you're a video production specialist who would like to join our creative network, Mayhem Productions would love to add you to our contacts. We pride ourselves in hiring only the most dedicated professionals to our network. If this describes you, we would love to add you to our group of specialists. Please fill out the contact form below to join our list of professionals. By joining our network, you will be considered for creative projects of all kinds - from local commercials to short films. 


One of the major keys to highlighting your brand is a talented photographer to show off your product. Whether you need photos of your newest product line or an entire advertisement rebranding, Mayhem Productions will find you the most professional and skilled photographer to bring your project to life. 

Creative Director, Aspen Brittany Mayhew will connect you with the eager to work photographers who have tried and true experience in whatever photography your brand needs. If you need a food photographer, a fashion photographer, or any type of photographer in between, Aspen has the contact who can get you the results and the "wow" factor you want to showcase your product. 

Throughout her work in the fashion industry, Aspen has been photographed by many professionals who are skilled in their craft. Her time as a model has allowed her to amass a vast group of contacts in the photography world. Whatever you need for your project, Aspen will communicate and work to understand your ideas and help you expand your creative vision. From there she will hire the photographer who will exceed your needs and give your project the spotlight it needs. 


If you are a photographer looking to be hired to photograph for ads, editorials, commercials, and other creative projects, we want you to join the Mayhem Productions network. Aspen prides herself in hiring only the most skilled, creative, and dedicated photographers to execute ideas for her clients. Please fill out the contact form below to get added to the Mayhem Productions network. 

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