Fashion Model Coordinator

Handling Costumes, Set Design and Backstage Mayhem

Fashion Show ProducerLet Aspen handle all the elements of your production. From costume design to location scouting to set design, your production will be well taken care of in her care. With years of industry experience, Aspen can handle many of the aspects of your project, allowing you to think about the big picture of the production and not every single small detail.


No production is complete if your talent isn't dressed head to toe in clothing that fits the cohesive creative vision of your project. Each puzzle piece of your production is important, and costumes are no exception. If your talent's costumes don't mesh with your vision, it will be glaringly obvious. Mayhem Productions won't let this happen to you.

As your creative director, Aspen Brittany Mayhew will study all the elements of your project before finding the costumes that will tie your production together. She will work with costume specialists and scour local boutiques and shops to find the perfect attire for everyone appearing in your production. 

Whether your commercial needs costumes from another time period, or clothing from present day, western wear or futuristic, Aspen will get you what you the apparel that will tie your project together. With her modeling experience, Aspen has contacts who can even create the perfect item if it can't be located in a store. 

Mayhem Productions is always looking for dedicated and talented costume designers to be featured in our productions. We welcome designers from across the country as we work on projects in the entire United States. If you are a costume designer who would like to be added to our network of professionals please fill out the contact form below. 

Location Scouting

Mayhem Productions knows that the setting for your runway show, commercial, photo shoot or any production, is one of the most important elements of a concept. As someone who has walked in runway shows across the country, Creative Director Aspen Brittany Mayhew knows that the perfect location can blow a project out of the water. 

Though she is based in Colorado, Aspen is able to scout locations across the country with her network of contacts throughout the United States. This network of contacts is instrumental in finding the perfect location for your production. No matter where you are, Aspen will find you the spot you're looking for. 

When you hire Mayhem Productions, you can be sure all of the location details will be taken care of before your shoot begins. Aspen will get all necessary permits required for you to shoot in the chosen location, and ensure that your production has the green light to make the magic happen. Coordinating an entire production can be stressful - but Mayhem Productions is here to make sure no stone goes unturned and all the details of your creative concept are put into consideration. 

Whether you want your shoot to take place in the deserts of Arizona, the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains, the California Coast or the woods of Appalachia, Mayhem Productions will find the spot that will turn your concept into reality - leaving you with the production visualized.

Set Design 

Designing the perfect set for your production can be a very technical job to complete. It's best left to trained professionals who are skilled in the creation and construction of sets. Mayhem Productions will hire those dedicated professionals to make your set look exactly as it should to fit the creative direction of your project. 

Creative Director Aspen Brittany Mayhew knows that many times the idea for your entire project can revolve around the set. This is true whether your project is a commercial, photo shoot, runway show or short film. For a runway show, the set is essential to highlighting the clothing. With no set, the models are unable to show off the apparel and brand they are selling. 

Having walked in countless runway shows, Aspen is well versed on the importance of a professional and skilled set designed. That's why she will use her contacts to locate the person who can make your project come to life with the perfect set. 

Set Designers

If you are an experienced set designer looking to work with creative productions and have your work featured, we would love for you to join Mayhem Productions' network of creative professionals. We are always looking for dedicated, creative, talented and skilled set designers to join our creative projects. Please fill out the form below to be added to our contacts.

Contract Backstage Manager

Throughout her years of work in the entertainment industry, Aspen has held many roles in a huge variety of different productions. In addition to her experience in numerous aspects of the entertainment industry, Aspen is also an experienced backstage manager. Her time as a runway model is what gave Aspen the backstage managing know - how and got her interested in behind the scenes work as well. 

During her work as a backstage manager, Aspen has provided organizational support to technical staff, directors, designers, stage crew, hair and make up personnel and all other crew members working to bring a production together. She has served as the backstage manager for runway shows, magic shows and more. 

Controlling Backstage Chaos

The main role of a backstage manager is to ensure that all operations backstage run smoothly. As your backstage manager, Aspen will make sure nothing slips through the cracks and that your production goes off without a hitch. 

With her skill as a runway model herself, Aspen truly does know the intricacies and chaos that can happen backstage at live shows. With Aspen as your backstage manager, you can avoid the confusion and trust that she has everything under control to make your show a hit. 

Please contact Aspen to hire her for all of your backstage managing needs. 

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